La Normanna has a modern and efficient factory, equipped with cold stores and deverdification cells, which can contain up to 5,000 quintals of product, this allowing La Normanna to work according to efficiency and flexibility criteria, aimed at the customer satisfaction.

The packaging of our fruit and vegetable products is performed thanks both to automated and traditional processing systems. We also have at disposal bags and small containers 1 to 5 Kg, and also boxes for job lots and packages.

The dry tomatoes are packed in boxes of different weight, designed both for the customer and for the canning industry. The small transparent plastic containers, weighing either 300 or 500 gr., are especially designed for customers, allowing them a direct view of the product’s quality, and making possible for them to buy the most convenient amount.

To the cannery industry La Normanna offers cardboard boxes 10 to 15 Kg.