La Normanna cultivates Sicilian Watermelons only, known for their sweetness and their crunchiness.

Watermelon, symbol of summer, is a thirst-quenching and refreshing fruit and has many nutritional properties, beneficial to human body.
It’s made up of more than 93% of water and it’s the best remedy against fatigue and tiredness caused by summer heath.
Sugars, vitamins A and C, Potassium, Phosphorus, Lycopene (which determines the bright red color of the pulp) and Magnesium – substances found in watermelons – enhance the immune system, clear the human body and aid blood circulation.
Sicilian watermelons, specifically Crimson Sweet and Dumara varieties, are produced in the Pachino, Ispica and Ramacca areas and are available in May and June in case of protected crops and in July and August in case of open field culture.

They are best tasted at a 15-20°C temperature.
Watermelons are mainly eaten fresh or in fruit salads and can be also used to prepare a delicious sorbet.