Beside oranges, lemons are the most charachteristic Sicilian fruits and a key food of Mediterranean diet.
They have a distinctive flavor and a high acidity level, which makes them extremely healthy.
They are rich in Vitamin C and are usually used in cooking, to prepare natural remedies and in house cleaning products.

Their most commonly known benefits are: improving intestinal flora,
reducing hair loss, reducing breathing issues, keeping cholesterol levels under control. They also have antioxidants, antiseptic, coagulant, depurative and detox properties.

The favorite varieties of our customers are Primofiore and Verdello.
Primofiore is the most liked Sicilian Lemon because of its juicy pulp and medium thickness peel, with a fine texture.
It’s cultivated mainly in eastern Sicily and it’s available from October to April.
Verdello comes from a specific cultivation technique in which the plant blossoming is delayed and and the fruit reaches its ripeness period from May to September. The most productive Sicilian areas are Acireale, Fiumefreddo and Noto. Compared to Primofiore, Verdello has a lower acidity and a less juicy pulp.

In cooking, Sicilian Lemon is largely used to dress fish dishes or side dishes, to prepare jams, sorbets and fruit and veggies extracts.
It can also replace vinegar to dress salads, making them easier to digest.

Drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning boosts the immune system and gives to the human body the Vitamin C needed to face the day.