They are not just a traditional product of Sicilian rural cuisine. Their unique flavor gives taste both to hot and cold dishes.

Dried tomato: the flavor of Sicilian sun

Rich in vitamin C and Lycopene (an important antioxidant), dried tomatoes are produced by using the best sicilian Somatoes, slowly dried under the hot Sicilian sun.

La Normanna Soc. Coop. Agr. selects fresh tomatoes to be dried under the sun during the warmest months, with the only addition of sea salt.
This process, strict and traditional to ancient Sicilian cuisine, gives to dried tomatoes an elastic and fleshy appearance, a bright red color, a fragrant aroma and an intense and unique flavor.

They are often tasted plain but can be also added to traditional recipes: in appetizers they are filled with pickled chopped capers or olives; in main courses they can be fried with garlic and oil to create a simple and tasty pasta, or they can be used to prepare a delicious pesto.
They can be used also in salads, omelettes and in meat or fish dishes.
Their consumption helps our body to keep cholesterol levels under control, prevent osteoporosis and aid diuresis.

They are rich in mineral salts but should be avoided in case of kidney stones or heartburn condition.

Dried tomatoes can be stored in oil up to an year, or simply in a cool, dry place for a short period, far from direct light and heat sources.
Once opened, we suggest to keep dried tomatoes in the fridge.

Nutritional values in 100 gr. of Sundried Tomatoes, produced by La Normanna Soc. Coop. Agr.:

• Energy values:130 kcal;
• Carbohydrates: 18 gr;
• Salt: 16 gr;
• Fiber: 9 gr;
• Proteins: 6 gr;
• Fat: 1 gr.

Sundried tomatoes are stored in various-weight containers, aimed both at consumers and at canning industries.
Containers aimed at consumers, made up of clear plastic and weighing 150, 250 and 300 grams, are see-through and allow consumers to buy the exact quantity needed; cardboard containers are aimed at canning industries and weight 10 kilos.