Blonde Oranges are the most widespread citrus fruit in the world.
Their sliced pulp is very juicy and rich in vitamins, and their colour varies from pale yellow to bright orange.

Vitamins and minerals contained in Blonde Oranges bring indisputable health benefits to our body:
• helping blood circulation, by regulating blood pressure;
• preventing seasonal illnesses, like a cold;
• protecting the eyesight and enhancing cognitive abilities;
• protecting our body from kidney diseases and heart diseases;
• lowering cholesterol levels.

Soc. Coop. Agr. La Normanna produces the best Sicilian Blonde Oranges, characterized by extreme juiciness and sweetness.
The varieties we commercialize are:
Naveline: its an orange with an intense flavor and a bright orange colored pulp.The production of this variety goes from October to February. The most productive area in Italy is Sicily, followed by Puglia and Calabria, but the largest production can be found in California and Spain.
Ovale: It’s the finest variety of Blonde Oranges, also because it’s originally from Italy. It has a thin peel and a juicy pulp. The harvesting period goes from April to June and the most productive Italian area is Siracusa. This variety is often used to produce orange juice, but can be also used to prepare salads or typical recipes of the Mediterranean tradition; its peel can be used to prepare candied sweets.
Valencia: it’s the most widespread variety in Italy and Europe. Its peel has a medium thickness and its pulp is light, juicy and seedless. Its ripeness period goes from April to June. This variety is not largely widespread in Sicily.

Other than the traditional use, Blonde Oranges can be used as a natural remedy against seasonal ailments.